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Discernment with Non-Dual Concepts

Rick Archer and David Hoffmeister

Let Go of Definitions - A Practical Guide for Seeing Non-Duality

Non duality and ACIM A Course in Miracles. The Holy Spirit uses what the ego made in order to undo the ego.  A Course in Miracles (ACIM) theref0re uses dualistic symbols to undo the belief in duality.  Traditional non-dual teachings such as Advaita Vedanta can be very helpful in opening the mind, but can also be used by the ego to keep the mind trapped in intellectual concepts about non-duality.  The deceived mind needs a lot of mind training, and unless your experience is a constant state of peace, the idea of non-duality can be just another diversion for the mind that is sleeping.

Enjoy this video in which David goes more deeply into this understanding.

Nonduality XYZ

One way you can feel out whether something is true is to ask, “What would Jesus do?” Jesus never once said he was sorry, because he was living a state of true forgiveness, which sees that the error has already been corrected.  The Holy Spirit has corrected the belief in separation.  At no point in A Course in Miracles does Jesus tell us to apologize.  He does tell us, however, that we cannot correct a brother for anything because our brother is the Christ, and we are asked to accept him exactly as he is. Forgiveness does not first point out errors and then makes the correction. Rather, it looks beyond the error entirely. This is accomplished by raising up all the unconscious darkness and offering it to the Holy Spirit. This way we can see the world as the Holy Spirit sees the world.

Filmed in Halkia, Finland, Oct 27, 2014
In English with Finnish translation.

Non Duality and ACIM (A Course in Miracles)

Rick Archer and David Hoffmeister. Buddha at the Gas Pump, Interview with David Hoffmeister has been invited to 44 countries and 49 states to shine and share his consistently peaceful state of mind, radiant joy and dedication to Truth. His journey involved the study of many pathways culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles. David has an astonishing gift for applying the metaphysics of the Course to everyday issues and concerns in such a way that the ideas come alive.

In this interview, David and Rick Archer explore some of the deep non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles.

What would Jesus do?

Non-dual Videos, Nonduality

Listen to this talk above to gain more clarity on the non-dual metaphysics and practical application of A Course in Miracles.  Topics include bottom up approach vs. top down approach, play of ideas and talking about vs. the living experience/presence of forgiveness, difficulties come from projection of judgments and exceptions to transferring the training in forgiveness.

Practical non-dual Spirituality

Non-dual Videos,  nonduality,  and ACIM Teachings from David Hoffmeister

The book A Course in Miracles(ACIM) offers a practical non-dual spirituality for getting in touch with your Internal Teacher and True Self, living with Spirit every day. In our community, we practice applying the principles of ACIM every day, with the prayer of being truly helpful and making no exceptions. The spiritual journey is 1% principle and 99% practice.  With willingness, it is possible to live a life that is 100% guided by Intuition. You need only to allow your perception to be healed. It is simple, and miracles follow. Trust your intuition and let all your actions be involuntary. It is safe to let all ego-based doing and ambitions fall away. You can behold the world from a very still point in your mind, and trust that all material needs will be provided.

Why is it necessary to let go of definitions?  

God’s Will for us is perfect happiness, but ego’s view of happiness is different than the Spirit’s view. The ego gives us a definition of happiness that is based on external conditions being a certain way.  It convinces us to look for it in the future. Yet, true happiness can only come in the Present, through an authentic release of all past and future thoughts. We do not actually know what true happiness is, and therefore need to ask Spirit to guide us in its attainment.  

Filmed in Jyvaskyla, Finland, Oct 26, 2014.
In English with Finnish translation.

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